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Build your site with us.

Self-Hosted WordPress sites

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS right now, and for good reason. It is easy to update and maintain, has a wide variety of super useful plugins, and can be used for virtually any kind of website.



One time fee.



One time fee.



One time fee.

Additional Free Services

Aside from designing and launching your site, we also set it up for speed, SEO, and security.

These services include:

  • Installing and configuring must-have plugins for SEO, speed and security.
  • Setting up a robots.txt file to help search engine spiders index your site.
  • Setting up your permalinks for optimum SEO performance.
  • Generate an XML Sitemap and submit your site to Google and Bing.
  • Setup spam protection to prevent comment spam.
  • Basic documentation about how to optimize new posts and pages for SEO.
Have Any Questions?


Feel free to submit your questions at our contact page.

Yes of course, except for the web hosting fee which is recurrent and paid yearly.

In that case, the web hosting fee will simply be omitted.

No. The only recurring fee is the web hosting fee which is paid yearly.

1st, I’ll love to make you understand that our hosting service is up to standard in terms of speed and uptime. Also, we have a pretty friendly relationship with our clients (since they are few).

Back to the question, we provide various gifts to some of our customers yearly ranging from 1yr free hosting to the refund of half of their subscription. This is done based on a ballot.